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Vegan Connections

This weekend Glasgow hosts Vegan Connections, a festival full of good food, excellent smells, and love for animals. YogiMatters had the pleasure of visiting one of the venues today, The Briggait.

The Briggait

As you step through the door, you are welcomed by the smell of coffee and essential oils (two of our favourite things!). You can feel the excitement in the big hall, as people go from stall to stall, testing all kinds of cruelty-free lotions, make-up… As we make our way in, we spot the one-and-only Yogi Oils. The beautiful Katrino has brought all the smells and elements to the festival, and choosing what to get is a difficult task! From the sprays to the rollerballs, from the lip balms to the oils, our senses kick into high gear, and that’ when we spot the new addition! Necklaces which allow you to choose the scent you want for the day, each day. Beautiful and smart! Check them out:


You can pick which scent from the oils to add to the medallion, and change at will. Lovely idea from Yogi Oils.
As we keep on moving we come across all sorts of vegan-friendly, gluten-free snacks. The treats are as colourful as they are delicious (and we might have tried more than just a few)…

And then….we spot the gluten-free unicorn cupcakes!!!!!!


OMG how can you contain yourself? Cakes by Naked Bakery
As one of us was smart enough to go in without having breakfast (Ana…as usual), we had to quieten down and treat ourselves. Tempehtation serves fully vegan food, with their own tempura and tofu recipe which tastes like the real thing. The couple in charge were so patient while one of us (Ana again) debated on whether she could allow herself some gluten today to have some “KFC”, and while we tried all the refreshing drinks. Absolutely amazing!

Peanut Satay
“KFC” created by Tempehtation
The hall was filled with all kinds of goodies, and, unfortunately we could not photograph everything. We do recommend a visit! Check what’s on on their website. Here are a few more pictures to add to the temptation…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A special thank you to Elaine for tagging along with me. Thank you for the awesome day! 🙂



I am a Physiologist for a career, a Yogi at heart. I am interested in how the body works and how you can improve that functioning.

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